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OnTracktoRio- André Wright

After speaking to one of GB's 100 & 200 metres hottest properties in James Alaka. 
Tracktics have gone to Under 23 level to find Medway & Maidstone/ Brunel University athlete André Wright. 100 & 200m specialist André has made big steps to becoming a real talent...

Find out about how Wright has already begun his U23 season with a BANG and his inspiration through faith Also his idol in Perri Shakes-Drayton!

André thank you for taking part in our feature OnTracktoRio tell our readers about yourself?
Hi, my name is André Wright, an Under 23 100 and 200 metre sprinter from Maidstone, Kent currently studying Mathematics and training at Brunel University with my Coach Harry King. I have always loved running and joined Medway & Maidstone AC when I was 9 years old. However i started taking training seriously when I came to Brunel University in 2009.

What have you achieved on the Track in the 13 years you have been involved with Athletics? what do you regard as your greatest achievement from that?
The first break through for me was winning the 60m Kent indoor Championships back in 2010, breaking the 7 second barrier for the first time in 6.96, which gave me great confidence.
The next year I went on to win the South of England Championships in 2011 and break 11 seconds for the 100m.
2012 was a big year for me, achieving Bronze in the 60m and 200m at the BUCS Indoor Championships and in the 100m in equivalent outdoor event.
I was also the England Under 23 silver medalist. My best performance of the season was in the 200m however running 21.11 at the Olympic trials.

The highlight of my career so far has definitely been this year, winning gold and breaking the 200m BUCS Indoor championship record in 21.18. 

                   André in action at the BUCS outdoor Championships 2012

What would you say makes you different from athletes that has got you to the standard you are today?
The difference I have to other athletes is combination of my coach, good training group, training facilities, hard work and perseverance. However all this combination couldn't have come together without God providing these all for me. 
A hard work ethic allows me to make the most of every session giving me the edge when it comes to the rounds of competition. However a work ethic alone won't get me anywhere, that's where training smart comes into play, hence a coach who knows his stuff provides that - Harry King definitely knows his stuff! The facilities on campus are great - the free weights gym is right next to the indoor track and the outdoor track is flood lit, allowing me to get the most out of each session.
At the age of 22 do you see Rio as an aim in your career and if so what would be a realistic achievement?
I definitely see Rio 2016 as a realistic prospect, my development has been steady over the last few years but therefore sustainable hopefully keeping me injury free and on track for the next Olympics and the 2017 World Championships in London.
What do you do outside of the Track? (e.g hobbies, Uni, college, friends)
Off the track I study with 20 hours of lectures and plenty of assignments and tests to keep me busy during the day! I attend Majesty Christian Centre, a local church in Uxbridge, every week where I play guitar in the band. 
I must confess that I love eating though, you can never go wrong with a good wholesome meal! 
Who has been your idol on the Track and how have they inspired you?
An athlete who has shown how to steadily improve and make it to the top is Perri Shakes-Drayton. She is an example of someone is remains humble but yet can do big things on the track, very inspiring! 
How would you improve the sport to appeal to more people?
Personally I would put more emphasis on the up and coming talent. Even though this is changing, there seems to be an elitist mentality within Athletics in Britain. Athletes only get noticed once they are at the top, however to get to the top they had to fund and work hard themselves. Support should be giving to athletes who are seen to be working hard and moving steadily through the ranks. 

Finally if there was a message you could give to upcoming athletes what would it be?
Keep humble, put yourself in places where you can get top class training (like a university) and always persevere, nothing comes easy but when it does it's so worth it.  
André's future is clear and to keep up to date with him you can follow him on his website
 or how about Twitter
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